Travel to Maldives

The destination always worth a long plane trip with two small children: The Maldives. Because you know two weeks of complete relaxation will follow on these islands where the pleasurable art of doing nothing is the motto. So we revisited after our first trip in 1998.

This time we chose to spent two weeks on two different islands, the first one being Kuramathi. This island was the one with the most authentic atmosphere of the two with open air bar and restaurant and no need to wear shoes.


As one of the bigger islands it has three resorts, of which the Cottage Club we thought was the nicest. This is also the resort we stayed at.

Kuramathi Cottage Club bar

The island invites to shoreline walks to see banana trees, small sharks, plenty of lizards, crabs and fruitbats at dusk. It has a pool and although of course it is unnecessary for any Maldivian island to have a pool, the kids loved it.

the pool at Kuramathi

After a week, we transferred to Bandos, an island very close to Male airport.


Bandos has a more Mediterranean than Maldivian atmosphere with its pavements and facilities like an airconditioned restaurant. Facilities include a small pool, big playground, snooker table and childcare centre.



Fruitbat and Parrot




The housereef at Bandos is very nice for snorkelling with turtles, sharks, morays and many, many fish. From shore there is also lots to see: crabs, rays and a free swimming moray!

moray eel seen from the shore

For a complete report on the dives Ferry made, check our dive pages.


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