Travel to Maldives

Our third trip to the Maldives took us to Filitheyo for two weeks in Spring 2004. In 2000 we visited Kuramathi and Bandos and our first trip was to Maayafushi in 1998.

View of the Maldives from the waterplane

Again, the Maldives proved to be worth driving to Germany, getting on a plane for ten hours, followed by a waterplane and boat. The reward is two weeks of pure barefoot luxury, great food, a nice pool, good snorkelling and of course diving . The island is very much a bush, except for the shoreline, with many coconut palmtrees. It has fruitbats of course, lizards, plenty of crabs and hermites.

Filitheyo paradise seen from our bungalow

Filitheyo pool and water bungalows

Especially the second week we had monsoon weather, but that did not prevent us from snorkelling. Night snorkels were good too, when we saw rays, a shark and an octopus.

Turtle at touch distance while snrokelling

Octopus on the house reef at night

For more on the diving, check our dive pages.


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