Travel: Palau

Rightfully so, the Lonely Planet considers the Waterfront Villa to be the best deal in town (Koror). Nice apartment, great view, pool and breakfast inclusive.

Waterfront Villa

Palau is famous for the Rock Islands and we found out why. We chartered a boat for the day and felt rich cruising through this unique environment. Many islands look like mushrooms, completely covered with vegetation. We stopped for snorkeling, a picnic and a swim in Jellyfish Lake. A very special experience, worth the hike with kids on our back to get there.

Rock Islands

Dolphin Pacific is a beatifully located facility for research, educational and therapeutical purposes, but the dolphins nevertheless do some tricks. And we got to shake hands with them!

Emmy shakes hands with a dolphin

Another great day in Palau when we toured Babeldaob; now still unspoiled, but heavy roadworks and the building of a new governmental town (Melekeok) including a Capitol Hill look-a-like will change this drastically over the coming years. What a shame.

Ngatpang waterfall on Babeldaob

Bai (men's house) on Babeldaob

See our dive pages for more on the diving.

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