Diving Maldives

Our third trip to the Maldives offered nothing really spectacular, but some really nice dives. The dive operation at Filitheyo could have been more friendly, but was efficient. We saw sharks, plenty of morays and octopus, lobster, batfish, frog fish, lion fish, napoleon and eagle rays. Because of windy conditions we stayed close to the island, where the channels offered the nicer dives. But also the house reef is very good for diving and on the Northern side of the island extremely close to the shore.

Moray eel and cleaner fish

So many fish!

Lobster in one of Filtheyo's channels

Porcupine at rest

Oriental sweetlips

For reports on other dives made in 1998 and 2000 on the Maldives, check the Maayafushi dive site descriptions and diving Kuramathi and Bandos.


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