Diving in Australia on our Round The World Trip

North Stradbroke Island

Windy and therefore little diving during our one week stay on North Stradbroke Island. Actually, Ferry only did one dive, at Flat Rock. No complaints about that one, because he saw a leopard shark, turtles, octopus, lobster and four wobbegong sharks.

friendly wobbegong

Julian Rocks, Byron Bay

Great diving! Although our dive guides always seemed to be in a hurry and rushed us through the Cod Hole, the Nursery, the Needles and the Pinnacles, we managed to see plenty. Wobbegongs and stingrays by the dozen, giant bull rays, turtles, batfish, lobsters, morays, eagle rays and leopard sharks. Mirjam had the dive of her live when she met up at armlength with an eagle ray, while a bull ray was at her side and a leopard shark was swiming past. And all this without her camera! Ferry fortunately had a camera at hand when he saw a school of cownose rays.

school of cownose rays

Mornington Peninsula

This is where we went to see seahorses and sea dragons. The latter were supposed to be at Portsea Pier, but that's not where we saw them. But Rye Pier had it all: beautiful corals, crabs, many, many seahorses, baby stingray, octpus and a sea dragon!

sea horse at Rye Pier

sea dragon at Rye Pier

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