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Bangkok was a bit more than we expected: more people, more to see. If you're wise enough to get around by skyrail and (longtail) boat: no problem. Just bring enough time to get a glimpse of all there is to see. We learned not to take a taxi the hard way. An oasis in this very hectic place was our appartment at the Chateau de Bangkok.

Wat Arun seen from the boat

Beautiful outside of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha


Now, Phuket we expected to be crowded and touristy, but no problem since we stayed at the very, very nice Pearl Village, near the airport with only a couple of hotels on this beach, a few shops, bars and restaurants. Roads are far better here than in Palau, scnerey is comparable. Of course, the food was great. We went on a "safari" with Siam Safari Tours to ride an elephant, see how they and monkeys are trained and go around in a kart pulled by a water buffalo. Both the hotel and the Siam Tours operator try to do business as environmentally friendly as possible. Only two days in Phuket, but we had a really good time.

Phi Phi

And here is where we did get in the middle of all the touristy busyness. Beautiful in itself, Phi Phi is overcrowded. Tourists from almost every country in the world seem to come to these islands. It's a great place to get your hair braided. We stayed at the Phi Phi Princess Resort - breakfast inclusive - where we had a well kept wooden 1 bedroom bungalow on the beach. One day we took a boat tour around the island. At Maya (The) Beach, the craziness of all those boats with people wanting to see Leonardo Di Caprio's beach really struck.

Phi Phi

View from the pool of the Phi Phi Princess Resort

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