Diving Cyprus

On Cyprus, I (Ferry) made three dives in total. We stayed in Latchi, and there was a dive shop in the small town there, called the Latchi Watersport Centre. I went out on a boat dive, together with some people taking a course. First I went in with the instructor at a place called Agios Georgios and we did our dive to 22 meters. It was a beautiful wall dive with lots of colorful small fish and also some bigger fish like grouper. After my dive, the "class" went on with their course in a shallow lagoon. When they finished we took off again to a place where we all went in together. It was a shallow dive with two swim-throughs, and the highlight was an octopus. The third dive was the following day with Mirjam. We entered in the harbour and went out with scooters, scanning the sand floor for turtles. We did see four of them, which was quite nice, but it wasn't a relaxed dive and the visibility was rather poor. I can fully recommend diving Akamas, but go on a boat to the better places.



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